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These special people makes dreams reality.
Children Home
Bellow, we are showing our most urgent needs - how would you be able to assist us with them?
He that hath pitty upon
the poor lendeth onto the Lord, and that which he have given will HE pay him again.
Proverbs 19:17

Clothing donations.


Diesel  & Tata
ECO ArticlesGet to know more of ECO and its projects. 
 Vision and Mission
ECO is interdenominational Christian organizations that focus on spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior as prescribed in the Word of God, the Bible, to all nations, tribes and languages and making disciples for His Kingdom.
ECO focus on living and spreading the Gospel and making disciples for His kingdom. To look after the widows , orphans, disabled, and the poor and to empower them by upliftment projects. “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and Son and Holy Spirit. Teach these knew disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and Son and Holy Spirit. Teach these knew disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” (Matt. 28:19-20) NLT.  [More]
What God says about children
The Bible is filled of  scriptures indicating God's love and care for the children He has created. We too must care for them.
Due to relocation threat and services halted a lot of the approximate 1000 children live under very poor conditions. Many need medical attention. Many of these children never had the opportunity to venture outside Pomfret's gates and to see what the real world looks like.  Poverty creeped in which is the main cause of destruction of families. 
And unfortunately our children is the ones that suffer most.  Our children grow up without direction and future, they only live for now - what tomorrow will bring no one knows. But God is in contol.  The Word of God says in Psalm 72:4, that it is the will of God that our children would be saved. [More]
Situated in North West Province, about 30km from the Botswana boarder and 200km from the nearest big town, Vryburg, lays this beautiful little town.  
Once a very beautiful little town, base of the elite and world renown 32 battalion or Buffalo,and the majority of the population consists of Angolese Portugese people, ex soldiers and their families once employed by the then SADF.  They were brought from Angola and SWA and became SA citizins.  Houses were built for them and here they would retire   Here their physical and spiritual need are catered for.  Strong emphasis is put on raising then with God's Word and taught His ways.  And then, in a dramatic turn around in SA, the goverment changed, and these Hero's became Zero's. For the last 8 years goverment tried to break up this community in an effort to scatter them.  About 4000 people living here, live under very bad conditions.  All services, a constitutional right to all in SA, has been stopped.   [More]

ECO Tosca
This is what is happening now in Tosca.

 1.  Emmanuel Children Churches

2. School projects
Emmanuel Light of the nations church

Emmanuel Children Home
Once occupied by the commander of 32 battalion-now a heaven for destitute children.   We have God to thank for this.
When ever one sees house No1 in Pomfret, it is easy to know what type of person lived there. We were almost out of breath when looking at this home, as it is a beauty. Now the most beautiful house in Pomfret serves as a safe haven for orphaned, abandoned and poor children  - The future leaders of our beautifull country.  Up to 20 children can be accomodated.   Here their physical and spiritual need are catered for.  Strong emphasis is put on raising then with God's Word and taught His ways.  It is the strengh of the living Word that makes these children live pure lifes, and we know that God will not allow his Word to return avoid.  [More]
 The Children & Schooling
With the relocation threat and poor living conditions our children's education is badly effected. 
Learning conditions is tough with the children being taught in English and not in their native tongue Portugese.  The relocation issue left it's scar with many children not attending school - years of not knowing what happens next took its toll. There is no running water at school, no ablution and children & teachers must go to the veld if nature calls.
[Shopping List]
Food & Diet
Eat, eat, eat: it is the best thing for us all to grow and be strong!
ECO strives for a healthy and     consistent diet for all its children...
All Praise be to God - In the 3 years of establishement, these precious children, were not 1 day that we were not able to supply there precious children with food!  GOD PROVIDED.

Our food are very basic, but we strive to give balanced meals to ensure proper growth & strengthening of our children.  Due to the long distance from the nearest 
town, Vryburg, which is about 200km away, prices of food in Pomfret is very expensive due to transport costs.  Fresh produce is not normaly available and we depend alot on non perishable foods. See the shopping list for food use.  Please help feeding our children a propper meal.  [More]
Upcoming project in Angola.
 For the past three years a strong connection developed between Pomfret and Angola. The government provided land to build a mission station in Kalueke.   We plan to build a training facility surrounded by small huts, a clinic and a school. Pastors and their families will stay here while they receive bible school training. The gardening project will provide food to the community and the children will get a chance learn the ABC.  [More]
Childrens Home Ekamba
Home to orphan and poor children in Pomfret. This is not just a house where children stay over. It is a home where children, some for more than five years now, are brought up in Gods ways and receive the love of our house parents, Simon and Aviva.  20 egg laying hens with a special cage is on the way to us. Our children have their own beds, eat three meals a day, gets to go to school and are part of a big household. We don’t receive any money from Government but through God’s grace and perfect timing we always have something to eat.  
 Rural Outreaches
There is a lot of land and even more people and not enough curches.
Thanks to the good favor of the farmers in the area we are able to bring the word of God to a lot of people. Many communities live far away from a town or are too poor to afford a pastor for their church. Each week we travel to these locations and bring the word to more than a thousand people a month, starting up small congregations and experiencing how people give their lives to Christ.  
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