1.  No running water - water cans can be filled only twice a week.
2.  No sewerige system
3.  No clinic - Only a  Mobile unit twice a week
4.  No municipal offices
5.  No Rubble removal
6.  Electricity and water supply not available for up to 3 weeks
7.  No doctor and dentists visitations for the last 3 years

The school is the only goverment institution going even though the children don't have water   or toilet facilities - they go to the bush.  

With the relocations hanging over the neck of the people a lot of damage has  been done to the community.  People lost hope and started living day by day without any future and hope. After a court order was obtained to restrict the govement of entering Pomfret for relocation purposes they disobayed, entered Pomfred and demolished many perfect houses under a heavy escort of South African Police force.  

A court order was then obtained to halt all goverment relocation activity in Promfret pending a court case.  Court procedure will start soon.  We trust God that relocation effort would be halted  and all services brought back to normal.  Special thanx to Susan Bonnet for all her hard work assisting our laywers.

Video 1:  Juan recorded this footage when the first house were demolished - a perfect house broken down.

Video 2:  Juan being man handles as he tried to record events on his cellphone camera, begging the police not to shoot at the innocent children standing behind him - shots were fired and a small child injured.

The strenght of our community is God.  He is our pillar and our hope.

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