My friend,
My prayer is that GOD ALMIGHTY-Creator of everything, may bless and carry u this new year and know that with Him anything is possible.
For all your help and especially your prayers I thank u from the bottom of my heart.
As u know, I went to Angola two weeks ago and arrived home yesterday.  Praise be unto God for making this possible and for us to see the Mighty work of His Hand.

When God said to go to Angola and start a town-Emmanuel-I was very excited, but did not have an idea how this would be possible-first thoughts was petrol money, visa, injections, where to go, who to speak to, where to start the town etc etc etc.
But with God things work different-suddenly in the blink of an eye things came together-too many miracles to tell-just WOW.

Two hospital beds, presents, food, clothes, shoes, bibles and medicine were loaded onto Tata and a borrowed trailer-and off I went.

Via Botswana, Namibia into Angola-two days of driving,just me and Gods Angels.
In Angola I was met by Toni Ngula, an amazing man of God and God blessed me to bring him on my way.

In Angola things work little different-No goverment pensions, no grants, they are an hour behind our time and they drive on the wrong side of the road! But what a beautifull place-especially the bush-bush, there where nature is still untouched.

First stop-delivering the two hospital beds and some medicine to the Maranatha clinic who will cater for so many people in desperate medical need, especially the children.  This project was started by Toni's wife. 

Then we started working in the Ondjiva area where thousands of flood victims are housed in tents for the last couple of years.  Goverment is doing their best but after 20 years of war it is impossible to cater for all.

Evidence of this bloody struggle is still visable-shot out tanks, destroyed houses and buildings and all this lead to poverty and broken society, Gods people suffering and it makes u think.....
Christmas day was a very special day for these children living in this tent town and we had childrens church under a tree, explaining to these little ones the true meaning of this special day.  And then it was time for presents, and the children loved it!!

Christmas afternoon we left for the deeper darkness-the bush-bush-not Etosha bush -the real bush-bush.  North - Mongua, Xangongo and Humbe.  There we left the road - East into the bush-only a narrow 2 track bush road - 75 km later we arrived at this beautifull place in the bush-secluded from everything-Beautifull.

The name-Ekamba, the people- Kumbi, livelyhood-fisherman in the river and small farmers. Language-Kumbi-not Portugese!  There is no school, no doctor, no police, no hospital or clinic, no propper church building.  They live in Kimbos constructed of wood and clay of up to 50 people in a kimbo-normally semi naked-some only one husband and up to 5 wives and lots of children.  I was a big attraction-for many it was the first time to see a white man!  Some ran away, others came closer, but in the end we were all a big family-Gods children.  And I it was so good for me to see children putting shoes on their feet the first time and start walking.  And the first steps-I had to laugh!!!

And their tradition-they slaughter animals on wooden altars and make sacrivices to their spirits in a special hut in the kimbo!!!!!!!  They also have rituals where the children are given to spirits for fertility, riches and all other types of favours.  SATANIC

As these people invite Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and start a new live, they are kicked out and have no place to go----YES--- Thats why the Town for Jesus--- Ekamba Emmanuel!!!!!! 

The last Sunday more than 150 people attended church from all over the bush-some came with the canoes over the river-and many almost every one excepted Jesus as their LORD and Saviour! Praise God!
Now this is where i need all the help I can get-together we can make a difference for our King Jesus.  And he opened some mighty doors allready.

I was given land by the Shoba (area leader) and have the permission from the Goverment of Cunene Province to start the project.  And the community all agreed on the name-Ekamba Emmanuel-and it will grow-it allready started!!!!!

1.Building Orphanage for children
2.Finishing Church building and roofing
3.Building clinic
4.Building school for 185 children

While this will be happening church members will be trained to spread the Word of God in this area and show them that there is only one way-JESUS.
Most material for above project must be bought in Angola due to import and other costs.  Due to the fact that most food and material in Angola are imported, some prices are very high-but diesel is just over R2 per litre!
Funds are needed to start this project,please speak to your church members,pastors,friends,churches in other countries and anyone who can help to make a difference.Keep on praying for this project-only God can change their lives and the situation they are facing.
Please contact me or see the website for more info

For any contributions phone Juan 076 737 1470 or 
mail us.

Juan returning from Angola:  
Hi my friend, after returning from Angola many doors have opened-and believe u me-many miracles happened and is still happening..  What a mighty God we serve-King of everything.
God willing we will be leaving for Angola on 2 April 2010 to start building the Childrens Home,church and planning the little town.  It is situated east of Humbe (about 70 km east into the BUSH BUSH-NOTHING THERE-ONLY BUSH) no running water, electricity, no old age pension, no child grants, no cell reception, no roads, no nothing.  Only a handfull of people trusting and believing that God Will make a way where there is no Way.

It is here where i need your help please-we are all a part of Gods body-some are hands others the feet-some eyes and others the legs-I need u to help in establishing Gods plan for for Angola.

Also,i need u to pray for this project-that Gods Word would be spread to all nations and tribes.

Herewith a list of materials and items needed to go to Angola-please see what u can contribute. 

100 bags of cement, 30x6 meter zinck plates, 65 meter of 60mm to 75 mm steel pipe, wheelbarrows, spades, windowframes, 2xcomplete toilet sets, 2x baths, 2xbathroom washbasins, double kitchen washbasin,10 dubble bunk beds,20 mattresses,20 pillows,20 sheets,20 blankets, 20 towels, 20 toothbrushes, 20 face clothes, toilet soap, body cream, toothpaste, 25 plates,
25 cups, 25 porridge bowls(all metal), water containers, 25 knifes, 25 forks, 25 spoons, 25 plastic chairs, 4 kitchen tables, gasstove, Large and meduim pots, Jugs, generator, water tank, waterpump, curtains, curtain rails, washing baskets, racks and cupboards, non perishable food etc.

All material and equipment will be transported from South Africa.We need a 8 to 10 ton truck for transporting of above.

We also need financial support-please contact me for any detail---Juan cell: 076 737 1470
Also see our website

Please pass this on to all your friends and church leaders.
God bless and prospur u my friend
Pomfret greetings
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