A blessing to be rejoyced upon - a little girl, Cadu, receives a replacement eye.

Cadu, her brother and Juan left for Cape Town and for the first time she saw what the world looks like  outside Promfrets gates  and she loved it. She was treated like a queen by the church members and the shopping malls was a great hit with her!  

A prosthetic eye was made for her and the total amount of R14 000 was sponsored by Dr Gustaf du Toit, Church members and American friends.  Now this little girl can move on in live with a greater level of dignity & peace of mind.  In the Sept. school holidays Juan took her back to Cape Town for a check up & fitment.  This time some of the children of the children home accompanied them, and they were amazed - Question like:  Father John (Juan)  who made this beautifull mountains and - Father John - where do they keep all the water for the sea!  Good question - only God knows.

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