Children Home

Juan Van Tonder (above), heard a call from God, and pressed on with the vision of starting this Children home. His first trip to Pomfret was made together with the PCSG group, or the Pomfret Christian Support Group. He came as a result of wanting to be part of missions, and wanting to be an instrument in the hands of God.  

A week before the opening we arrived in Pomfret and found the house very in a bad condition - it was not maintained or cleaned and a lot of hard work, day & night, were put into having it ready for opening. Outside looked like a jungle and the inside even worse - windows was replaced, carpets washed, trees cut, walls cleaned, curtains hanged etc.




Now, when ever one sees house No.1 in Pomfret, it is easy to know what type of person live there. We were almost out of breath when looking at this home, as it is a beauty. Now the most beautiful house in Pomfret serves as a safe haven for orphaned, abandoned and poor children. The future leaders of our beautiful country.  

Up to 20 children can be accommodated. This house is a miracle, given by God, it was donated to ECO without any finances God made everything fall in place. What a mighty God we serve. From all over people contributed and today the house is very well equipped.Here their physical and spiritual need is catered for. †Strong emphasis is put on raising them with God's Word and taught His ways. †It is the strength of the living Word that makes these children live pure lifeís, and we know that God will not allow his Word to return avoid.At present we house 17 children from 5 to 16 years of age. We face a huge problem with our children after 16 years old. They then reach the age to leave the house. We donít want that to happen. The next project we face is to start a Youth care centre where we can accommodate our bigger children till they finish school. This will ask good planning. We already are privileged that a building has been allocated to us but the building is in a terrible state and needs al lot of renovation, almost re-building. We pray that God will answer our prayers and open the harts of individuals/organizations to financial contribute to this project.  

This childrenís home is well established and we receive wonderful food contributions from mostly churches in our area and we thank God for it. We still pray for financial contributions to pay the woman helping us to run the house. Our house parents also needs some allowance to take care of their personal needs. 

House parents: Pastor Simon and Aviva Lukas. (+27721973475) 

House assistants: Martha Monchusi and Efilde Antonio. 


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