Latest News

Latest News
-on the 19th Dec we will be having our yearly Christmas Party in Pomfret.Amorie and Lucas of Smile of Joy with some friends will bring more than 1000 presents to hand out to the little ones.Uncle Zack of Cradle of Hope,Corlien of Pomfret Project for disabled and Richard will also be assisting in making this day a day to remember.Our children love this special event-last year 800 presents brought smiles and happiness to many.The presents are donations collected from various individuals and orginazations-Thank you-God will bless u.
The Church Choirs Competition,a yearly event,will take place on the 18th Dec. The 6 church denominations compete in 3 classes and the winning choir is crowned.This is a big event and the entire community gathers to cheer on their church.
God spoke to Juan and he will be leaving for Angola on the 21st Dec. to take hospital beds and medicine to a children clinic and clothes and presents to the poor children.It will be handed out on Christmas day.Please pray for him.We trust God to do a mighty work.

The TV Crew of Focus with Freek visited Pomfret - It will be broadcasted on the 3 January 2010 at 18h30 on SABC 2.

We are returning to Angola to build Childrens home on 2 April - Please pray for us
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