School projects
Two primary schools in the old Bophuthatswana Homelands,Stabeng en Logeng about 15km travel by gravel road,opened their doors to us and we are able to spread Gods Word through Bible Study material and Bibles made possible to us by the MAILBOX CLUB in Kimberly-Thanx uncle Kenny and Estelle de Kok.  These communities are very  poor and children grow up in harsh conditions.  These are also areas where a lot of witchcraft is practiced by witchdoctors & sangomas - we praise our Lord God, Creator of everthing, for the oppertunity to spread His word to these little ones.  May they grow to be strong trees and mighty warriors for God.  Educar Primary school in Pomfret & Bray Primary  also is included in above project.  More than 500 children is reached by this Bible study.  The mailbox club consist of 10 Bible study lessons in brochure form.  After every lesson children complete a small test and after finishing all the lessons, certificates will be awarded to the students.

Pomfret have six church denominations - Angolese Dutch Reformed church, Evangelical Bible church, Full Gospel, Catholic, Apostolic, Assembly of God - All lead by our own community members.  The churches is the pillar & strength of Promfret  - Take it away and all will collapse - God, our strength & our deliverer.  All services is in Portugese and if preaching Juan uses a interperator of Frikkie van Niekerk.

The Dutch Reformed church Bainsvlei, through as Frikkie van Niekerk who regulary visit us, sponsored  8 church leaders for further Bible studies - we are doing the NBI course and after a period of approximately 2 years an 6 months - afterwards we will receive diplomas.  Juan is leading the classes and the students are very keen.  We are in a proses to try and get more church leaders sponsored in order to equip them better for the mighty task of leading God's people!



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