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A town situated in the North West Province, about 30km south of the Botswana borders. This is the refuge of the old 32-Battallion soldiers which once were an elite group of soldiers engaged with the SADF.
No longer an army base, this town has now served as the refuge of the 32-Battallion Angolan division, the town has become the motive of much dilema, as the people living there are on the brink of being removed as the goverment decided they no longer would provide for what now has become a delapidated town with decadent infra-structures, and poor health care. It is a town about 30km south of the Botswana borders, and its length is no more then 5km by 2km. It takes much effort to obtain water in the town, since the water system is not up to scratch, and some times the people will be without water for a considerable number of days.Visit these links: Smile of joy and Cradle of Hope.  
Bellow, we are showing our most urgent needs - how would you be able to assist us with them?
He that hath pitty
upon the poor lendeth
onto the Lord, and that which he have given
will HE pay him
Proverbs 19:17

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